A BIG "Thank You" to Our Loyal Customers

Brugh Coffee was founded in 2016 - We started as small as we could with a 500g/1.1lb roaster from Mill City Roasters. One roast has essentially been one bag. This was a great way for us to get our feet wet.

We still remember how excited we were when the roaster arrived. Check out a couple of pictures from that day back in June of 2016!

We are now almost at 2 years of business and have made an upgrade to a Mill City Roasters 3kg/6.6lb roaster. It arrived last week and we had similar feelings of excitement as to when we got our first roaster. Now that we've had a few days to let our feelings settle we are now feeling humbled and extreme gratitude. 

When we first started we didn't know exactly what to expect - but, we do know growing into a bigger roaster was not on our radar. If it weren't for our loyal customers (like yourself) growing into a new roaster wouldn't have happened - you are what makes Brugh Coffee what it is.

Brugh Coffee has primarily been a side hustle for a passionate couple roasting on nights and weekends. With our new, bigger roaster we feel we will be able to start growing and continue our pursuit of offering the best quality coffee we can. 

So, from us at Brugh Coffee we want to say "THANK YOU!" for supporting us and our passion. Check out a few pictures from the day our new roaster arrived.