Vroom! Vroom!

A little over a year ago Brugh Coffee made a fairly BIG decision.... we bought an old step van with the hopes of converting into a mobile coffee truck.

To give you a little more background - Before we made the decision to get into the coffee roasting business we were trying to decide what avenue of the coffee industry we wanted to take. Believe it or not roasting was not the first and only path we considered.

Coffee roasting ended up winning, BUT the close second choice was a coffee truck. We love the idea of being able to travel and bring high quality coffee TO the customer. After we started roasting and setting up at farmers markets as well as festivals we knew a coffee truck was the next step.

In September of 2016 we were presented an opportunity to purchase an old 80's step van for a very reasonable price. We felt the need to capitalize on this opportunity and snag it up. We did.

Our original plan was to have it up and running by spring of 2017... which then came... and went. : (

This was for various reasons, which we will not get in to in depth. We'll just say that it's an older vehicle that needed plenty of TLC, from the right people. : ) So, we'd like to thank United Muffler in Christiansburg for brining ol' blue back into driving condition.

While a lot of work has been done getting the truck up and running properly there's still much to do. Now comes the fun part - the interior build out and exterior cosmetics. 

If you have any special skills and would like to get involved with the build out process just let us know. We'll see if we can put your special skills to use! Otherwise we'll do our best to periodically keep you updated with the progress until this truck is slingin' drinks!