Now Accepting Applications!

    We are always looking to grow our team with the right members! We look for positive, energetic, and outgoing individuals who look to leave people happier.

    Opening, closing and weekend availability is required.

    Barista core-traits and responsibilities include, but not limited to:

    • Connecting with customers and ensure an exceptional experience from start to finish
    • Self-awareness; understanding of your own faults, effects on others, and also importantly how you are perceived.
    • Coffee knowledge, beverage and brew skills and hospitality excellence 
    • Strong desire to learn more about coffee
    • Dial-in espresso quickly and easily, on a daily basis
    • Speed of service, constantly moves with intentional sense of urgency to find and finish tasks.
    • Leave individuals happier than you find them.
    • Properly steam milk and pour beautiful latte art on all espresso drinks
    • Consistently pull tasty espresso
    • Take and enter customer orders into POS system
    • Knowledgeably describe our coffees / products
    • Be aware of stock levels and notify the manager if anything is running low
    • Clean & organize (includes brew bar, dry storage, kitchen, restroom(s), wash dishes, sweep, mop, etc.)
    • Constantly tastes and judges both drip and espresso to ensure high quality - tweaking recipes where needed and providing feedback to roaster when necessary.
    • Be willing to visit cafes and attend coffee events as a representative of Brugh Coffee
    • Create a rapport with customers by learning their names and favorite drinks
    • Other duties as assigned

     Physical Demands

    • Stand and walk—must be able to stand for shifts and move about the Brew Lab & Roastery
    • Perform repetitive motion with the hands, wrists and forearms to operate espresso machinery
    • Taste/Smell – ability to detect and perceive smell of coffee, and food.
    • Talk/hear – frequently communicates with customers and co-workers
    • Carry weight, lift – lift up to 5 pounds frequently and up to 50 pounds occasionally

    About You

    • Entrepreneurial-minded and ready to use your creative energy to thrive.
    • Committed to transparency and honesty, and collaborative in nature.
    • Self-disciplined and ready to take ownership of assigned areas of responsibility.
    • Self-directed, personally motivated with strong attention to detail.
    • Like to work fast and with purpose.
    • Demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for coffee.
    • Desire to educate others about our coffee and espresso methods.
    • Strong attention to detail and healthy respect for cleanliness and sanitation.
    • Excitement about the task of ensuring that each customer has a quality experience.
    • Open to both give and receive both positive and constructive feedback, constantly striving to improve yourself and your environment.
    • Ability to chain-task with ease.
    • Desire to connect with others.


    Please fill-out the below form. Include the below information in the "Message" section.

    • Work History
    • Availability
    • Why Coffee?
    • Why Brugh Coffee?
    • Are you currently a student or have any other employment?
    • Number of hours seeking? (A general range is fine)

    We anticipate a number of applications so you should know that while we will read them all, we may not reach out to everyone.