Colombia - Inzá Cresta El Hato

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Tasting Notes: Chocolate Truffle, Pancake, Blackberry


Location: Inzá, Colombia

Varietal: Caturra Typica Variedad Colombia

Process: Washed

Elevation: 1500-2000m

This blend of coffee from Inzá, Cauca is made up from the small producers from towns, or "Veredas" as they're called in Colombia, that lie in the shadow of the monolithic mountain ridge named "El Hato". El Hato roughly translates to "herd", like a herd of cattle, a term actualized in this ridge as a steep mountain face, whose vertical striation is a physical representation of cattle. The province of Inzá is located in Southwestern Colombia within the greater Department of Cauca. As you make the drive from La Plata to Inzá, you follow the Rio Páez, and an eventual crossing over a suspension bridge lands you on the road to the the villages whose coffees make up this blend. Like much of Colombia, Cauca is home to some very high altitude farms, many breaching the 2000 meter mark, the coffee from this lot harvested from an altitude range of about 1500 to 2000 meters. This is a wet-processed coffee, most farmers using old style hand-cranked pulpers, fermenting and washing in the same tank (the first pic is of a dual-use tank), and then drying out on raised, covered beds. Most farms have a healthy amount of Caturra planted, as well as some Timor hybrids (like Variedad Colombia and Tabi) in response to the major leaf rust outbreak in the 1980's.