Colombia | Java Lagoon
Colombia | Java Lagoon

Colombia | Java Lagoon

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Tasting Notes: Orange Candy, Vanilla, Rhododendron


Region: Tolima

Varietal: Java

Process: Anaerobic Semi-washed

Elevation: 1500m

This coffee is one from our partnership with El Vergel in Colombia. You might be familiar with Java El Eden, which we have previously had from El Vergel. Java is a very rare variety in Colombia, and in this case, it is a coffee used from a specific part of a micro-lot from El Vergel, which is located near a natural Lagoon (hence the name) that generates a specific micro-climate for this part of the farm.

This coffee was processed as a semi-washed coffee, with an anaerobic fermentation in cherry followed by another anaerobic fermentation with out cherry, and finished with a long drying period of around 15-20 days at solar dryers.