PT Toarco - Pango Pango, Sulawesi

PT Toarco - Pango Pango, Sulawesi

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Tasting Notes: Peanut Brittle, Dried Cranberry

Region: Pango Pango, Toraja
Altitude: 1400–1600 masl
Varietals: Predominantly S795
Process: Washed

Sulawesi (formerly Celebes), was influenced and controlled by the Netherlands from 1605 until World War II. In 1669, the Dutch East India Company took control of the trade in Sulawesi. The Dutch built Fort Rotterdam in Ujung Pandang (now Makassar) in the mid 1600s, and gained full control of the island in 1905, making it part of the Dutch state colony of the Netherlands East Indies. The Dutch East India Company was in control of coffee production in Indonesia during most the 1700s and introduced Arabica Coffee (Typica) to Sulawesi in 1750.

Indonesian coffee has traditionally been processed with the giling-basah method, or wet-hulled, like in Sumatra. In 1976 TOARCO, a Japanese-Indonesian joint-venture, introduced to Sulawesi the traditional washed-process, similar to that of Central America.

Most of the coffee produced in Toraja is S795 variety, developed in India to be resistant to leaf rust. .